Shocking discovery of the historians: They’ve met Trump in the Holly Bible?!?!?


The coming of the new American President Donald Trump on power, at the same time marks a big challenge for the world, but also the appearance of the Jesus Christ was considered as a Christian conspiracy theory

The historians identify the name of Donald Trump with the eponymous term (“TRUMP”) from the British version of the Holly Bible, which in translation means Trumpet.



According to the Christians belief, the last trumping of the trumpet (“last trumpet”) marks the coming of the Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the death.

This was written by the historian David Montag, transmitted by the British Express.

“I don’t say that Donald Trump is absolutely the last sound of the “trumpet”, but having in regards that simultaneously the last pre sign, maybe we should question ourselves if the president of the United States Donald Trump, is sent from GOD as a Holly sign.”

Said David Montag


Meanwhile, the other Christians are doubting this theory. Professor  Doctor. Samuel Lamerson considers that it’s about an ordinary coincidence.

Because, above all the connection between the “Trumpet” term and our President Trump is only in the British language, and the New Covenant is written on Greek language. – said Prof.Dr. Lamerson

But, who knows, maybe he really is a sign of GOD!


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