Trump’s BOLD New Executive Order Helps the Black Community More than Obama Did in 8 Years!


Trump haters have been losing their minds the passed few weeks. Protests have formed in all major cities in the nation, and it seems every liberal snowflake has their own reason to hate our president. The main reason for all the hostility however is Trump’s “racism” toward the black community.

Trump has never actually said or done anything racist toward African Americans, but that doesn’t seem to matter. They just love being upset.

But President Trump announced a new Executive Order Today that left them stunned.

“President Donald Trump’s administration is looking at ways to ease the regulatory burden on historically black colleges and funnel more money to them through an executive order that is in the early stages of preparation.”

President has two Howard University grads working on his executive order, a Historically black college.

Like his supporters have known all along, Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body and being called racist isn’t something he takes lightly.

‘I think at its core these charges of being racist, I think they really bother him,’ a person familiar with the administration’s outreach told ‘I think there’s a sincerity to engage.’

It looks like Donald Trump just did more to help the black community in 3 weeks than Obama ever did in 8 years!



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